If you or someone you know is experiencing a difficult time in life.

Examples of situations we can help with,

•Parents trying to get back to the good old days of family harmony with their adolescent with the` desire to discontinue engaging in intense, prolonged, unhealthy conflict with their child.

• Couples having a difficult time seeing eye to eye as a result of facing lack of faithfulness, money issues, being a parents, in-laws intrusion, or work challenges.

• Individuals struggling internally to find peace and restore their happy place.

• Tweens and Teens that encounter obstacles managing classroom, social, or general life demands.

Dr. Alexander works with Tweens, Teens, Parents and Couples to assist with unlocking the keys to happiness. As a connection expert she effectively aids individuals, families and couples improve their interactions with those most important to them. She recognizes relationships are often the source of many stressors that people face. A communication breakdown is often the underlying theme that plague relationships. Dr. Alexander helps people navigate through their internal healing process, exploring what keeps them stuck, and defining thought processes developed by belief systems that impact ones ability to change. She works to identify the unique needs of indivduals and the best way to address them. Her practice is compassionate and empathetic. She can assist you in developing the framework essential to embrace the change you desire in your life.